Homes for Sale in Each Town around Springfield

Below are links for homes actively for sale in specific communities surrounding Springfield, Missouri. Click on the Community name you're interested in to access a brief description of the town and then give a list of homes that are currently available ("active"). Below the homes are statistics on home sale trends and demographics on each town. 

Sam Baird is a 20+ year full time professional real estate agent that specializes in residental and farm properties in and around Springfield, Missouri. If you're looking to buy or sell in this market, seek out an experienced, full-time agent to help you maneuver through this wild market.

Ash Grove Homes    Ash Grove.jpg 

Bolivar Homes          Bolivar.jpg 
Marshfield Homes     Marshfield   

Republic Homes        Republic.jpg 

Rogersville Homes    Rogersville.jpg

Strafford Homes       Strafford.jpg

Walnut Grove           Walnut Grove.jpg

Willard Homes          Willard.jpg